Types of B2B software for modern businesses

The number of efficient B2B software is increasing at a rapid pace. Due to which it is becoming a necessity to know more about the different types of B2B software that are functional. But, before that let’s have a quick recap on what is B2B software?

What is B2B software?

Are you a manufacturer or wholesaler who deals in business with other companies, retail chains, independent customers? If yes, then you are selling business-to-business (B2B).

Now, the software that can be useful in order to ease your process of improving sales, performing better marketing, and providing efficient support to the customers, is eventually called B2B software.

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Types of B2B software

Since the B2B software industry is extensively widespread, it covers a variety of different types of B2B software. However, let’s have a look at some of the best products available in the B2B industry.

B2B CRM Software

Types of B2B software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a specific type of software that is primarily focused on the betterment of the customer-seller relationship. It does so by providing intelligently devised tools to help the seller improve its interaction with its customers. Some of the best B2B CRM software in 2020 are as follows:


First on our list is Contactually. With just a click to connect your Google and Office365 accounts, you can improve your interaction with your contacts.

After connecting them with your Contactually account, you have the ability to organize your contacts and optimize your workflow. Furthermore, you can even schedule your important communicational meetings with Contactually’s AI tools.


HubSpot is an extremely extensive application that includes a variety of tools that support content marketing. One of its many features is an efficient CRM that provides great interactive power to the sales department of a company.

HubSpot’s efficient CRM system records automatic interactions and eases the job of your sales team by keeping them aware of the customer’s insights.


Lastly, we have Keap, some of you might know it as its former name; Infusionsoft. Keap provides you the feature to maintain a single location for each of your customer information.
This eases your job in tracking the interactiveness and responsiveness of your customers that can help your future content marketing campaigns.

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B2B Content Marketing Software

Types of B2B software

The amount of saturation in the current digital world keeps increasing with the passage of time. In this fast-paced and competitive global environment, businesses are forced to remain on their toes to improve their content marketing.

In this regard, there are a number of B2B content marketing software that might be helpful for struggling businesses. These B2B content marketing software help companies reach their respective audience with ease. Furthermore, they help businesses in creating a handful of prospective leads.

Have a look at some of the best B2B content marketing software in 2020 that are helping businesses grow; worldwide.


We all have heard the term SEO, but many still struggle to actually understand it. Ahrefs is an efficient SEO tool that comes with a variety of functions that support companies in their content marketing campaigns.
Furthermore, it makes the process extremely simple and productive.

In the world of content creators, the worth of a piece of content is usually measured by how many people perceive it correctly rather than the actual writing of the content. It is struggling and difficult to accept the concept, however, it is the norm.

Therefore, Ahrefs makes the SEO management of your content extremely easy that helps it to maintain its rule over the SEO industry.

Content Studio

Content Studio is another famous player in the Content Marketing industry. Although creating quality content holds major importance, it still is not enough to boost the marketing of a product.

With Content Studio, businesses get a powerful content scheduling tool that consists of an in-depth analysis of your content. It keeps you informed regarding the health of your content and its performance.


Although content creation is necessary for a brand to prosper, you also need to be fully aware of your competitors. Therefore, Feedly comes in to provide you an outlook of what is happening in your industry.

The content curation feature of Feedly allows businesses to analyze the weak spots and empower the businesses to improve the quality of its content.

B2B Email Marketing Software

Types of B2B software

Email marketing is still considered to be one of the most professional and sophisticated mediums of marketing your product. If so, why wouldn’t you want to grow your business by applying the accurate marketing techniques while performing email marketing.

To help you with this, there are a number of B2B email marketing software that make the job easy for you by simplifying the process. Furthermore, these software are extremely affordable and come with reliable results.

Let’s have a look at our top picks of best B2B email marketing software in 2020.


Do you miss the long boring newsletters in your emails? You never liked them, but you do miss them when they are gone. Well, they are gone because they were meaningless and no-one enjoyed investing their time to read them.

Therefore, email marketing took a revolutionary change and opted for smart marketing. In this regard, Autopilot helps the companies to send those smart emails to the perfect leads at the right time. Most importantly, Autopilot does all this automatically.


Although businesses demand simplicity to perform email marketing, over-simplification kills the beauty of the process. Therefore, Moosend presents you with a healthy blend of simplicity and essential tools.

While the B2B software comes with well-designed templates and a visual campaign builder, it also possesses some advanced features of providing email triggers based on the weather conditions and AI cross-selling recommendations.


Rejoiner takes a detour from the regular email marketing path and tends to take the matter in its own hands, get it?

Well, while most companies provide services to the businesses to manage the work themselves, Rejoiner lets you outsource your email marketing campaigns and offers a managed email marketing platform.

B2B E-commerce Software

Types of B2B software

E-commerce management systems have completely revolutionized the idea of shopping and more importantly, online shopping. More and more businesses are investing in enabling online set-up of their business and some even forgo the need of having a physical store at all.

These entrepreneurial businesses are helped by one of the best B2B e-commerce software, let’s have a look at some of them.


Our first pick is one of the most common and popular eCommerce platform, BigCommerce. BigCommerce has developed a reputation of an easy-to-use development interface that helps people to use it without having any specialized technical knowledge.

It is extremely popular in SME businesses and allows you to integrate your social media marketing tools with your website.


Another famous platform for eCommerce development is Magento. Being one of the most popular B2B eCommerce software, Magento provides extensive customizability to its users.

You are able to design a flexible eCommerce website for your business while ensuring that the content and functionality is of the highest standard.


Shopify has to be the most common and widely popular e-commerce development platform in 2020. Being an all-in-one SaaS tool, Shopify provides you with a solution to all of your eCommerce requirements to boost your business.

B2B Lead Generation Software

As the name suggests, B2B lead generation software is used to effectively enhance the number of leads your product marketing generates. Many people argue that the amount of increased leads is directly proportional to earning more money. However, it’s not that simple.

Let’s have a look at our top picks of successful B2B lead generation software in 2020.


Hunter is an employee contact information provider. With its densely populated database of employee information, Hunter allows you to search for any employee’s contact information if you are aware of their name and company.


Have you ever wondered how can you reach out to people who visit search your products but you cannot find who they are? Fret not, your days of misery are over. Leadfeeder provides you with just the information you need.

Leadfeeder records the visitors’ information on your website. Furthermore, it also finds the visitors’ employee contact information. This gives you the opportunity to interact with companies that were interested in you but they didn’t contact you for some reason.


Prospect.io is a sales Automation platform that comes with integration with Salesforce, HubSpot, etc. The sales department that has been finding it difficult to improve the company’s sales can finally relax.

Moreover, Prospect.io eases the procedure of finding new leads by focusing in the correct direction for the business.

B2B SaaS

B2B SaaS is a term used to identify businesses that provide software solutions to other businesses. These solutions are provided in a service-based mechanism following a subscription model.

Let’s have a look at our top picks of the best B2B Saas software in 2020.


Whenever there is a discussion about successful SaaS products, Adobe has to be in the top ten list. It has developed a reputation for being reliable and consistent with its focus on quality.

Adobe has managed to create a variety of different products that range from digital media to publishing software. With ownership of over 50 software products, Adobe has an overall score of 91 in customer satisfaction and market presence.


It would be meaningless to have a discussion about famous and successful types of B2B software and leave Google out of the list. Having 137 products in the bag, Google, undoubtedly, is the leader of producing and managing state-of-the-art SaaS products.
It holds an overall score of 93 in customer satisfaction and market presence.


MailChimp is an excitingly famous marketing platform that allows small businesses to target the right audience. With solutions in email marketing, marketing automation, and other marketing products, MailChimp covers a wide range of marketing strategies to provide the best experience to the subscribing businesses.
In an overall score of customer satisfaction and market presence, MailChimp has an overall score of 94.

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Microsoft is another leading B2B software provider and heavily contributes to populating the lists of different types of B2B software. It has over 100 SaaS products that have widespread applications in different industries.
Microsoft holds an overall score of 94 in customer satisfaction and market presence.


Lastly, we have Salesforce that is one of the most efficient types of B2B software for improving the sales division of your business. With an additive advantage of being a CRM platform, Salesforce provides great support to the sales division of a business to help them improve the company’s sales.

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