Top Ted Talks Social Media Marketers Can Watch to Boost Business

One of the best ways to learn online is by watching some of the most famous TED talks. These talks can help you develop your thought and business processes and can really boost your productivity overnight.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the most famous TED talks given on social media and how brands can leverage it for business gain. Let’s get into it without wasting any more time!

Top Ted Talks to Watch For Business Growth

1.   3 Ways to Usefully Lose Control of Your Brand – Tim Leberecht

This TED talk by Tim Leberecht talks about how brands can lose control to provide much better experience for their customers. He believes this can be done by giving people more control. This can lead to employees and customers working together to create better solutions. Another way to do this is by being more transparent. Tim explains how staying true to yourself becomes the only true value proposition.

2.   How Better Tech Can Prevent Us From Distraction – Tristan Harris

Tristan Harris’s TED talk is all about how technology can help business owners avoid distraction and improve their work efficiency. He speaks volumes about having a relationship with technology that provides us with choices about how we want to spend time with it. He wants people to understand how much harm technology is doing by interrupting us from what we are doing and causing serious harm to our attention span.

3.   How to Gain Control of Your Free Time – Laura Vanderkam

Being on social media and constantly scrolling through the news feed can be replaced by something that can really prove beneficial for your business growth. This free time, Laura recommends, should be spent to figure out what your priorities are and how you can achieve most out of it. Through this TED talk, you will know why you should quit social media or why you should start using it for business growth.

4.   Adventures in Twitter Fiction – Andrew Fitzgerald

Andrew Fitzgerald believes that microblogging can be used by business owners as platforms like Twitter allow them to story tell on it. He explains how these microblogging platforms are changing how we see advertising and content marketing today. He asks brands to adopt the idea of real-time storytelling and use technology to activate the creative side in all of us. This TED talk can help you in social media marketing.

5.   How to Get Your Ideas to Spread – Seth Godin

Author Seth Godin, in this TED talk, shows how simple concepts of storytelling have spread over the Internet like fire in a jungle. He shares the examples and asks the audience members to come up with ideas like them. He believes that the moment you start coming up with simple shareable ideas, your audience will start to take action.

There you have it. We hope these TED talks provide you with enough value to bring changes to your business leadership that can put you on the fastest track to success. Let us know what other TED talks are useful for business owners in 2020. We’d love to watch them too!

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