Top 10 Best SaaS companies in 2020

As the business industry is flourishing globally with flying colors, the phrase B2B or business-to-business software is no more restricted to tech-savvy individuals. The SaaS industry has gained importance and support from people like wildfire spreading in a forest.

It has happened fast and brought a substantial amount of difference in services across the tech and business industry.

Would you like to know about the infamous SaaS Business Model that has been gaining an unusual amount of importance in recent times?

Let’s have a look at some of the best SaaS companies in 2020.

Best SaaS companies

The SaaS business landscape is extremely vast and consists of a variety of helpful businesses. However, due to the logical constraints of readable content, we present to you our top picks.


A Buyer Relationship Management (BRM) tool is the kind of accessory that every B2B sales team needs. It fulfills the need to actively manage the current strategy and prepare for ways to enhance their services for the clients. This enhancement serves in the form of improved client acquisition.

Boxxstep comes with a set of various features that provide the team members with easy collaboration to reach the goal of monitoring buyer relationships.
It comes with an interactive dashboard and elaborative graphic visualization. The service discreetly highlights the prospective buyer roles to provide ease for the sales process.


Businesses are refactoring their priorities and tentative goals for the next decade with the start of the new decade. While the goals might be different in nature, there is one thing that will always remain of the foremost priority; customer service.

As the competition is getting tougher, customer satisfaction is getting more and more important as the world accepts digitalization. SaaS companies from around the world are competing with all their power to facilitate their customers.

In this regard, Chatvisor is the perfect SaaS solution out there. The service provides a two-fold mechanism of facilitation for its customers.

Firstly, it provides an omnichannel chatbot platform which is partnered by a screen-sharing feature. This duo enables the sales teams to provide accurate customer support to customers with great ease.

Secondly, it consists of an analytics suite that consists of relevant and accurate insights regarding user experience. It provides recordings of customer journeys that contain heatmaps which can be used to identify where the sales team is being weak.


In this day and age of data being of prime importance for most companies, Dataform is the perfect SaaS business out there. Many companies use extremely inefficient ways to record data, which creates problems for them in the long run.

Hence, the need for Dataform. It helps different businesses with their jumbled data to use the data efficiently by building efficient and convenient SQL workflows.

Dataform can import raw data from different warehouses and convert them into reliable and usable datasets. This service feels like a messiah in the current data-driven world.


Do you have an under-performing sales division? Is your customer base at a standstill due to sluggish sales actions? Fret not, there might be a solution to fix that.

Demodesk is a German startup that is focused on providing a one-stop-shop for sales and customer service applications. The service comes with a built-in screen-sharing and online meeting facility which promotes a collaborative style of work.

Furthermore, the web-based virtual display of Demodesk provides options to browse and edit collaboratively. On the contrary, its competitors are still stuck at capturing a live feed of the presenter’s desktop display.

Moreover, it has a built-in AI-led real-time assistant that provides quick assistance when dealing with customers.


best saas companies

The inability to manage a CRM for carrying out administrative operations is fairly common in the sales department. This serves as a negative factor for a business in the process of achieving continued growth.

Therefore, to provide an additional amount of ease for the sales departments, FunnelFox steps in. It works in-server to be in control of the administrative operations to perform certain tasks through automation.

Furthermore, it informs the sales teams with extensive details to interact with prospective customers. These extensive details prove extremely handy when the sales personnel are interacting with the right customers.


The SaaS business landscape has some extremely intuitive and exciting businesses. However complicated and efficient the list could get, Neurolytics will always manage to make it in the top ten.

The company provides a much-needed tool for the current business age; recruitment assistance. It’s a no-brainer that the process of recruitment is still extremely difficult for many companies. Many employers are still struggling to master the art and science of recruitment.

Therefore, Neurolytics has emerged with a solution. With the help of video-based interview modules consisting of different questions, it is providing an AI-based program to understand psychological biometrics which helps in the creation of prospective candidate profiles.


We often admire the security and administrative systems of banks. What if we could implement the same level of identificational security in our business? It would be cool, right.

As a matter of fact, Passbase provides just that. With the addition of some lines of code, any website or application can have high-level security.

It uses the features of facial recognition, information extraction, and liveness detection to perform multiple authenticity checks. This enables the service to provide heavy-duty security for businesses connected to it.


In the world of accelerated Digital Marketing trends, landing pages consisting of videos have an 80% higher conversion rate of viewers-to-customers. However, it is extremely difficult for large-scale businesses to market their numerous products with individual video content.

Therefore, Phyron brings a feasible and extremely useful solution to this issue. It uses a video engine to create attention-grabbing content from the content present on the website of a business.

Furthermore, Phyron ensures that the content maintains its relevance and accuracy. On the other hand, this helps the business in saving an ample amount of time in planning and producing multiple videos.


best saas companies

SalesForce is the most popular and commonly used Customer Relationship Management tool in the modern era. The standards of Salesforce are so high, that it is a parameter to judge the level of proficiency of other CRMs.


best saas companies

There are many collaborative working environments in the SaaS landscape out there, however, none of them are able to manage the level of simplicity and sleekness of Slack. The company markets itself as the smart alternative to email.

It is a communication and collaboration hub that provides excellent control management-friendly controls to support a collaborative working environment.

Furthermore, it uses a feature of channels that are categorized by topics that help in distinguishing groups.


B2B SaaS companies are gaining more and more importance with the passing years. In order to bring ease to the general public, traditional methods of performing certain activities are being automized or dumbed-down to help the less tech-savvy individuals.

Due to this reason, there is still plenty of room for new ventures to enter and capture the SaaS industry by outperforming others.

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