The Role of Social Media in Creating Customer Engagement

Customer reference programs, advisory boards, and customer councils are vital activities in B2B marketing. But these activities risk sliding into second-class status among executives if marketers fixate too much on numbers and not enough on creating community involvement among these highly-engaged customers.

Are you interested in new ways to increase the value of customer programs in the eyes of your buyers and improve the status of these important programs with your management team? If so, I’d welcome you to participate in a new study (which closes this Friday!!)

Together with the Customer Strategy Group and ITSMA, I’m conducting a survey on Forrester’s behalf about customer engagement programs and the impact these programs have on your firm’s success. This survey asks questions about customer reference programs, advisory boards, customer councils, and online communities or social networks sponsored by your company or organization (things like private forums, customer groups, or fan pages on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn).

We plan to share highlights from this research during the Fall 2009 Summit on Customer EngagementOctober 20-21, 2009 in Boston, MA. I hope you will consider attending, especially if you are local to the area. After the conference, I plan to write Forrester research on this topic and blog about the results as well.

The survey should take you between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, depending how many activities you participate in for your firm. In total there are 65 questions, but you may not need to answer all of them. We will keep all responses confidential and report results in the aggregate only.

But remember: the survey CLOSES THIS FRIDAY, October 2, 2009.

So take a few minutes today to participate!  Or forward the link to someone you know who holds responsibility for one of these areas.

I look forward to seeing your responses or to hearing from you what you would like to discover, discuss, or learn about customer engagement programs and the role social media does, or could, play in building more vital, long-lasting relationships.  Drop me a comment if you feel strongly on these topics.  And, on behalf of CSg and ITSMA, thank you for sharing your experiences and helping us out.

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