Sales Strategy Examples and tips to increase sales

Your product is not doing as well as you had expected? The sales strategy examples that you had read somewhere did not work out because they were too specific? Well, fret not. Today, we will guide you with the best sales strategy examples and tips that are suitable for all kinds of businesses.

Significance of Sales Strategy

Types of Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy Examples

Although sales strategies differ from business to business, here are a few common types of strategies that are used by many organizations:

Knowledge about your product

Sales Strategy Examples

The most important aspect of sales is the understanding of your own product. As dumb as it may sound, but majority of the companies possess sales departments that are unable to sell their product efficiently because they do not know the product well enough.

So, knowing about your product and having a thorough detailed knowledge about its and outs is the foremost aspect in the department of sales.

You can only sell and explain something to a customer when you yourself are aware of both its features and issues. It will help you to answer the customers’ queries more promptly and with greater accuracy.

As great minds said, Knowing your product is a battle half-won in sales.

Knowledge about your customer

Sales Strategy Examples

After appropriately understanding your product, the next step is to understand your customers. Understand your customers, what does that mean?

To any business in this world, the most integral component of its business model is its customer. To preserve, satisfy, and retain its customer a business needs to think of ways to make the customer comfortable.

This comfort of a customer can only be provided when a business knows the wants of the customer. There are several ways to gauge and identify the needs of a customer and find out about its likes and dislikes.

After gathering relevant information about the customer, the salesperson is in full control of the situation and can sell its service with sheer dominance.

Portray your features as benefits for the customer

Sales Strategy Examples

A customer only feels the need to use a product or any service provided by an organization in two cases:

  • There is a definite need for the features provided by the company.
  • The customer was attracted by the flashy advertising and wanted to try the product/service out.

Here’s how a salesperson needs to exploit these kinds of situations.
The features of a product/service provided by a company are generally unique as compared to its competitor. Now its the job of a salesperson to portray the features as benefits for the customer. How can that be done?

Let’s take the example of a washing machine.
A customer wants to buy a new washing machine. Your company is providing a washing machine with a built-in dryer compartment too. Now, your job is to make the customer think that getting a washing machine with a dryer compartment is better than a normal one.

When the customer moves from considering the product’s features from just being unique to weighing out the benefits it will bring, you have succeeded as a salesperson.

Keep yourself visually relevant

The business dynamics keep on shifting as businesses are now preferring online presence to be of more importance rather than physical. However, the importance of physical presence is still as relevant as it used to be in the past.

For example, Samsung and Apple have one of the world’s best designers that showcase the companies’ work across the internet. However, both companies still prefer maintaining their physical stores for customers to walk in and experience stuff; firsthand.

Increase customer referrals

Many people share the opinion that the significance of customer referrals has severely dropped in recent years. We, on the contrary, agree to disagree with this notion.

Customer referrals are still one of the most solid and authentic channels of spreading the word regarding a product/service. The reason lies in the authentic non-doctored experience of a customer that is shared with a potential new customer. People who get influenced by customer referrals have an 80% chance of converting into a customer.

One of the most common sales strategy examples is that companies provide multiple rewards to customers upon a significant number of referrals. This motivates the existing customers to

Efficient management of your clients

The balance between the focus on bringing in new clients and managing the existing clients is essential for a business.

A company would be extremely happy to attract in a pool of customers. However, if it is not able to satisfy the existing customers, the business begins to collapse.

This emphasizes on the importance of maintenance of your existing customers as they should be your first priority. After you are potent in the art of customer retention, you should proceed on making extra efforts in attracting new customers.


The Sales Department of an organization is one of the most integral component. You can develop the best possible solution to a problem, but if you do not know how to sell it to the customer, it is of no use.

So, considering the significance of sales in the business industry, the sales department should be managed efficiently. To achieve efficient management, we suggest following the aforementioned factors/steps to increase the organization’s sales.

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