PeopleMap: A Real Tool for Sales Enablement?

It’s no secret: I am not a fan of the emerging class of “Sales 2.0″ tools that let reps follow online visitors or peer into their browsing habits. In a prior post, I admitted that I did not see how chasing anonymous Web traffic helps reps manage assigned accounts or follow up on well-qualified leads delivered by marketing. I […]

Lead Management Market Overview Published!

Lead management automation requires a degree of process maturity many B2B firms don’t possess.  The result? In the market overview report about this market, published today, I found underachievement by vendors and users alike. While the benefits of adopting lead management automation are clear — successful implementations enjoy more predictable deal conversions, faster sales cycles, and […]

The Social Technographics Of B2B Buyers

Last Friday (Feb. 20, 2009), Forrester published a new report that Oliver Young and I authored about how business buyers participate socially — in general and on the job — called “The Social Technographics of Business Buyers“.  Today, Forrester marketing put out a press release on this research announcing it to the world. Social Technographics is the term coined at […]

Top Ted Talks Social Media Marketers Can Watch to Boost Business

One of the best ways to learn online is by watching some of the most famous TED talks. These talks can help you develop your thought and business processes and can really boost your productivity overnight. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the most famous TED talks given on social media […]

Quick Guide to Understanding Attrition in Business

To run a business profitably, you will have to learn how to take care of different performance metrics. These performance metrics allow business owners to set goals and objectives for the company for which further strategies are created. Today, in this post, we are going to discuss one such metric called the attrition rate. We […]

Understanding Everything You Need to Know About Trade Shows

There’s a misconception making rounds in the market about trade shows. Everyone you ask ‘what is a trade show’ gives you answers that makes this famous marketing tactic feel antiquated. It’s a misconception because trade shows are very much in and have been an effective form of marketing for all major industries in modern times. […]

What is CPM in Digital Marketing – Everything You Should Know

‘What is CPM in Digital Marketing?’ – has this question ever risen in your mind? Well, the world of advertising is filled with an infinite number of abbreviations and key terms that can easily overwhelm any beginner. However, it is very important to understand these terms to analyze your marketing statistics and create strategies that […]

Push Vs. Pull Marketing: Know the Difference and Application

Ever heard about the push vs. pull marketing conundrum? Did you know that every marketing style that exists on the planet can be put in one of two categories: push or pull? Well, it’s strange but it’s true. Therefore, it becomes very important for us to break it down to you and help you understand […]