Sharing Social Media Insights With

Through LinkedIn and Twitter, the folks at found me and invited me to interview with Ben Hanna, VP of Marketing, on the B2B Online Marketing Blog. I met Ben Hanna when he was at eBay and I was writing a report about best practices in B2B search marketing. I found his perspectives grounded in reality and jumped at the change […]

Silverpop Sets New Bar for B2B Campaign Design Tools

Corporate and field marketers face a lot of challenges. Automation supposedly simplifies their lives. Yet one of the most demanding tasks they face is the design, execution, and management of marketing campaigns using a marketing automation application.  Whether it be simple email campaigns aimed at attracting registrants for a Webinar, or a more complex, multi-channel affair […]

B2B Marketing Mix: Will Online, Social Tactics Lead?

I am very appreciative to Roy Young and Ann Handley at MarketingProfs for partnering with Forrester and me on the B2B marketing budget trends and effectiveness survey. This is our second joint endeavor on this topic. The sister report, also published April 24, looks at which tactics B2B marketers use and how well it all works for building brand and generating leads. […]

Anatomy of a Corporate Video…Xerox Makes the World Simpler

What happens when a globally recognized brand needs to change what it means? This is the fantastic challenge facing our CMO, Christa Carone, as Xerox evolves from “the copier company” into something more – a company dedicated to providing simple answers to complex business problems.  Last week, Xerox introduced a new video that highlights how where the […]

Most CEOs Think Marketers Lack Credibility – Focus on Revenue to Change That

Do CMOs really understand the fundamental nature of their businesses?  Not as well as they should. London-based Fournaise Marketing Group released a study recently where they interviewed more than 600 large corporation and SMB CEOs and decision-makers in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. In this report, 73% of these CEOs said they felt that their marketing executives […]

Inside Sales And Telemarketing Help Boost B2B Brands: Really?

First of all, I’d like to extend a big “Thank You” to my readers and followers who responded to an invitation last month to participate in the 2010 B2B Marketing Budgets and Mix survey that Forrester fielded together with MarketingProfs.  Without your responses, the research would not be as broad or relevant — so thank you again!  After closing […]

Customer Reference Programs: Time To Embrace Social Media/Web 2.0

Customer reference management has moved from the sidelines to the mainstream of corporate marketing activity. This is good news for the dozens of customer reference management professionals who attended the February Customer Reference Forum in Berkeley, CA and participated in the 2009 survey. Why? Because authentic customer references help sales close business and marketing persuade analysts, press, […]

Digital Body Language: Steve Wood’s On B2B Marketing

Steven Woods is one of the first people I met as the new B2B analyst for Forrester.  I say “new” because I had been an analyst for 5 years before taking on this role. Steve and I met at our Cambridge office and, together with Thor Johnson, he told me about Eloqua, the company he helped found in […]

Content Curation vs. Thought Leadership: What’s the Difference?

I came across a Forbes post by Pawan Deshpande, CEO of Curata, published last month.  In it he offers 4 interesting reasons why he sees content curation heading mainstream.  In a nutshell, Deshpande finds: 1) The explosion of content on the Internet from online and social publishers has created vast quantity at the cost of quality.  Buyers/searchers need help sorting the […]