What is a Marketing Campaign’s “Influence” on Deals?

How do you apportion marketing effort to sales results? I remember my first one-on-one meeting with the head of major account sales at Xerox.  For a bit of perspective, this gentleman ran the team responsible for over a billion dollars in document outsourcing services revenue.  I presented a carefully prepared summary of the industry marketing […]

To Choose Where You Play in the Market: Know Your Buyers Well

What do MBAs need to know about Buyer Behavior? During the past couple of years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to guest lecture at my alma mater, Santa Clara University, to new classes of MBA students. This is something I do twice a year at most, and I love to give back to the business […]

The Art of Evolving A Big Company Brand

It’s pop quiz time, folks.  Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say?: BMW           (ANSWER:   ”The ultimate driving machine.”) Nike            (ANSWER:   ”The swoosh.”) Apple          (ANSWER:  ”Products designed to be incredibly desireable.”) Xerox   –   Yeah, yeah… “The copier company….” This little experiment into bad game-show trivia demonstrates how difficult it is to change […]

How to Tell A Story…Watch This And Be Inspired

B2B marketers feel challenged to create compelling content.  We blindly pursue writing headlines that makes potential buyers drop everything to click on our links or give us a call. Or we chase the two-sentence value proposition that magically opens the door for our sales guys. What we miss sometimes is the power of a story to get […]

A Solid Communication Platform? TEDMED Ad Shows How It Works

As the Xerox mistress of TEDMED last month, I learned a few lessons about how a strong communication platform can help create a distinctive brand voice that delivers a consistent brand message. The Xerox TEDMED 2012 program advertisement (shown here, since it only appeared in print during the conference) had one simple objective: convey our support, in a thoughtful […]

What is TEDMED? – Lessons Learned on Corporate Sponsoring

TEDMED is the medical version of TED. This unique 3-day event applies the successful TED format to the world of healthcare. Hosted next week (April 10 – 13) in Washington DC, TEDMED stands to become the nation’s premier gathering where folks from inside and outside the world of medicine. Delegates explore key issues and think up new, out-of-the-box […]

Creating Content for a Digital World – At Digital Edge LIVE

Last week I had the privilege to attend and present at BtoB Magazine’s Digital Edge LIVE conference in San Francisco. I joined HP’s Alex Flagg and Tellab’s George Stenitzer on stage to talk about what it takes to develop great marketing content for an increasingly digital world.  While the number of digital channels increased exponentially since the […]

“Between the Lines” – Xerox Shares a View on the Future of Documents

“Between the Lines” by John Kelly of Xerox One of our top Xerox executives — and my boss’s former boss — recently published an ebook about documents in business and why documents will remain important. (Note, a document does NOT mean a printed page in this context — what a novel concept for Xerox, huh?)  I’d like to […]

Join Me at the Marketing Technology Summit in Phoenix Next Week

Ah, Phoenix Arizona in the summer.   It’s hot.  Really hot.  The weather reports say it will be 107 degrees Fahrenheit when I’m there next Thursday.  Well, at least it’s a dry heat… So does that mean I’ll turn into a raisin rather than wilt like a flower? Dry heat, or not, is no excuse to […]

Tackling Content Management with BtoB Magazine

Last month, BtoB Magazine asked me to speak on a panel as part of its NetMarketing Breakfast Series at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco on February 16. BtoB’s NetMarketing Breakfast events explore how b-to-b marketers use the Internet to communicate with customers and prospects. Together with Kevin Cox from SAP and Pam Didner from Intel, I shared a short presentation […]