SocialTech 2010: Building A Social Media Marketing Discipline At A Major Brand

Earlier this week, I had the good fortune to attend and participate in the first social media conference geared to B2B marketers. MarketingProfs sponsored an excellent event. I believe the 200+ who attended in person, and the 400 or so who listened in virtually, would agree. For a round-up of conference activities, here is a […]

DMA Webinar: Tracking Online Buyer Behavior in B2B

Next week I have the pleasure of speaking to several affiliate groups of the Direct Marketing Association about demand management. Please join me Wednesday, January 13, 2010, for a webinar-based panel discusison about: How to Track a Buyer’s Online Purchase Research Behavior: and then send appropriate messages to influence that buyer’s purchase. As we see it, the […]

Live From Summit On Customer Engagement 2009

Today and tomorrow the Customer Strategy Group is hosting its inaugural summit on customer engagement – an intimate, executive conference designed for B2B marketers who manage customer reference programs, advisory boards, and the emerging area of online communities.  I will speak later today to about 70 t0 80 marketers and sponsors about “Understanding the Value of Customer […]

Sharing Lead Management Market Insights with the DemandGen Report

Last week, the DemandGen Report published an article that highlighted my Lead Management Automation market overview report. As part of their recap, assistant editor, Amanda Ferrante, asked me a few questions that honed in on aspects of the market that I did not make central to my two main themes, namely: 1) that the market is far from mature and subject […]

The Role of Social Media in Creating Customer Engagement

Customer reference programs, advisory boards, and customer councils are vital activities in B2B marketing. But these activities risk sliding into second-class status among executives if marketers fixate too much on numbers and not enough on creating community involvement among these highly-engaged customers. Are you interested in new ways to increase the value of customer programs in the eyes […]

Why Customer Engagement Is Critical

Making your customer reference program, advisory boards, customer councils, and communities relevant to C-level management means you need to speak their language and help them pursue their objectives. Not yours. Taken individually, a reference or communities program may not show up on your firm’s executive radar. But as crucial aspects of “customer engagement,” these programs — and […]

Lead Management Automation: Market Overview In The Works

With economic recovery still distant, business marketers look to 2010 and wonder what’s in store. How do you do more with less resources is a common question I hear from CMOs, VPs of Marketing, and marketing directors with whom I speak daily. Modern marketing can not scale effectively without automation. And while it is not the cure-all to […]

Making Your B2B Marketing Work — Better!

A worldwide recession and social media have swept up B2B marketers in a perfect storm, tossed between tighter budgets and the demand to do more online without guideposts or established benefits. Opportunities and challenges abound for marketers targeting other businesses through a direct sales force or channel partners. Before 2010 planning — and the push […]