What is a Service company?

In the overall business industry, there are two types of companies: product-based and service-based. A service company, or a service-based company, is the type of company that provides a set of specific solutions to its customers based on their needs. The radius of service-based organizations expands from healthcare to software technology, but our motive of […]

Consumer vs Customer – Discovering the differences

People often tend to use the words, consumer and customer, interchangeably. The reason is that these words are identical yet they have very slight differences. Let’s dive right into the debate of consumer vs customer without any further due. Consumer vs Customer Consumer A consumer is the end-user of a product. The company thrives to […]

Social Media Use Soars Among B2B Marketers: Really?

On July 20, BtoB Magazine, in conjunction with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) published findings from the June 2009 online survey of 172 client-side marketers, 77 self-identified as primarily targeting B2B.  You can find the online version of the article here. My colleague Josh Bernoff spoke at the ANA/BtoB conference today, called “B-toB Marketing in the New World“, and dropped me […]

B2B Marketing Trends in Nutraceuticals

For business-to-business marketing, there are many effective ways to sell health supplements. As a nutraceuticals company, there are many opportunities for promoting your products to other organizations. Whether they are a wholesaler or retailer, the most important aspect of marketing campaigns is to get the product in front of your target audience. Display Ads Using traditional advertising still […]

What Can Marketers Learn from an Innovation Powerhouse?

Xerox PARC. The name is synonymous with “innovation”.  Since it’s founding in 1970, this research center has pumped out a wealth of ground-breaking inventions: laser printing, Ethernet, the graphical user interface (GUI), object-oriented computing, and so much more. Spun-off in 2002, PARC (as it’s known today) is squarely in the business of developing new breakthroughs in technology for […]

Exploring Buyer Behavior With Santa Clara University MBA Students

B2B marketing is about positioning products or services to companies that can help solve business problems, right? Not entirely.  Good B2B marketing is about selling to people, not companies. People who run these companies have needs, wants, and motivations just like anybody does — and B2B marketers must understand, message, and cater to those motivations […]

Live From the Summit On Customer Engagement, 2011 Edition

This is my third time attending Bill Lee’s annual summit for customer reference professionals.  This event expanded beyond reference programs to include a variety of ways to engage with customers and help drive business. You can follow the Tweet Stream at #2011SCE for live reactions. This post describes the value I see this event deliver to the B2B marketing […]