Join Me at the Marketing Technology Summit in Phoenix Next Week

Ah, Phoenix Arizona in the summer.   It’s hot.  Really hot.  The weather reports say it will be 107 degrees Fahrenheit when I’m there next Thursday.  Well, at least it’s a dry heat… So does that mean I’ll turn into a raisin rather than wilt like a flower?

Dry heat, or not, is no excuse to overlook the Marketing Technology Summit, co-sponsored by the Phoenix chapter of the BMA and the Arizona Technology Council, if you happen to be in the area.  If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve become a fan of the BMA.  The Phoenix chapter appears to be particularly active. Avnet’s world headquarters is located in Phoenix, making this location home to the national chairman for the BMA, Al Maag. This probably has something to do with the popularity of this event among the BMA crowd.

Good publicity also comes from the Phoenix Business Journal, which describes next week’s event by saying:

The goal of the 3-year-old program is to shed light on different technology aspects available for marketing. It is aimed at businesses throughout the Southwest. Next week’s conference will be a half-day format, featuring panel discussions on mobile and automated marketing as well as a small trade show with the event’s sponsors.”

Check out the agenda  to learn more; activities kick off around 12:30 pm.

I’m looking forward to speaking with Bob Rinderle (of GE Healthcare) and Christina “CK” Kerley (mobile marketing specialist) on the panel. Although I hope the discussion trends toward “all things digital” rather than “all things mobile” as the PBJ advertised. Outsourced services buyers make lengthy relationship decisions when deciding whether to turn document-based business processes over to Xerox. We’ve yet to find how sending these decision makers and influencers information in mobile format helps to advance the sale.  But I might be overlooking something, so I’m eager to learn along with the rest of the audience. I know I will also pick up great information from IBM’s Kevin Kennedy and the marketing automation panel with Eloqua CMO, Brian Kardon, and Infusionsoft CMO, Greg Head.

Will I see you there?  I hope so!  Send me some tips on keeping cool while in the dry Arizona desert before then.

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