Hasta Luego, Xerox … And Thanks!

Today is my last day working for Xerox Corporation.  For a variety of personal and professional reasons, I have decided to return to Forrester Research and join the team serving the Chief Marketing Officer.

I have really valued the opportunity Xerox gave me to see the world of marketing through the lens of a $23 billion dollar company.

In particular,  I want to thank Julie Meyers, Duane Schulz, and Christa Carone for making this opportunity possible and for allowing me to participate in a rich set of activities during the almost 3 years I enjoyed working there.  My appreciation also goes out to all the great colleagues, team members, and other folks I had the pleasure to meet, work with, work for, and learn from as I experienced what makes Xerox unique and special.

For me, the highlights of my Xerox career include:

1) Experiencing marketing from the corporate side – and learning about the importance of brand, how brand evolves, and the role advertising, sponsorship, client experience, and public relations in the stewardship of the brand.

2) Heading up the Xerox sponsorship for TEDMED and the internal healthcare marketing council which taught me a lot about the difficult challenges and issues facing healthcare in the US today.  I look forward to keeping in touch with the great folks at TEDMED in the future.

3) Charting the way for industry marketing at Xerox, both for the US Field organization and at corporate.

4) Experiencing the complexity and intricacy of field marketing and sales operations while building new business demand for document services — and the benefits and issues associated with delivering multi-year contractually outsourced services. I’m thankful to my great friends at the ITSMA for their support, research and insight into the services industry.

5) Sharing my experiences with the great people at the BMA, ANA, ITSMA, Geehan Group, BtoB Magazine, and other organizations that invited me to speak with their members.

Returning to Forrester as an analyst is both exciting and reassuring.  Much will be familiar and much will be new.  I look forward to working with top B2B marketing executives at many Forrester clients over the coming months and years.

Due to Forrester intellectual property policies, this means unfortunately that I will take a hiatus from writing the B2B Marketing Posts blog while I concentrate on developing new research and sharing it via the Forrester blog for CMOs.  I hope you visit me there often as I hope to improve my public publishing frequency.  B2B Marketing Posts will remain live throughout 2013, but I will not contribute to it in any way related to marketing or professional advice.  I may drop a post or two about what I am up to personally, and may decide to change the focus of the blog going forward. Let’s see where 2013 takes us.

Until then, thanks for reading and I look forward to (re)connecting with many of you at [email protected] or on twitter as @lauraramos.

Happy 2013!

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