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Is B2B Marketing at Risk of Obsolescence?

Technology Populism and Social Computing are two big ideas that Forrester coined to describe the unstoppable impact of technology on business process, business people, and purchasing.  Briefly, for those unfamiliar, the defintions are: Technology Populism – An adoption trend led by a technology-native workforce that self-provisions collaborative tools, information sources, and human networks — requiring minimal or […]

The Art of Evolving A Big Company Brand

It’s pop quiz time, folks.  Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say?: BMW           (ANSWER:   ”The ultimate driving machine.”) Nike            (ANSWER:   ”The swoosh.”) Apple          (ANSWER:  ”Products designed to be incredibly desireable.”) Xerox   –   Yeah, yeah… “The copier company….” This little experiment into bad game-show trivia demonstrates how difficult it is to change […]

How to Tell A Story…Watch This And Be Inspired

B2B marketers feel challenged to create compelling content.  We blindly pursue writing headlines that makes potential buyers drop everything to click on our links or give us a call. Or we chase the two-sentence value proposition that magically opens the door for our sales guys. What we miss sometimes is the power of a story to get […]

Tackling Content Management with BtoB Magazine

Last month, BtoB Magazine asked me to speak on a panel as part of its NetMarketing Breakfast Series at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco on February 16. BtoB’s NetMarketing Breakfast events explore how b-to-b marketers use the Internet to communicate with customers and prospects. Together with Kevin Cox from SAP and Pam Didner from Intel, I shared a short presentation […]

Customer Engagement: Deepen Relationships with Community Marketing

Last week, Forrester published my research about how to deepen engagement engagement with programs focused on your best, most active customers. I think social software and activity will play a huge role here in 2010.  Why?  Because engaging business customers requires contact. To date, these connections revolve around reference programs, advisory boards, executive meetings, and user conferences. […]