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What are B2B sales? Understanding the process

B2B, more commonly known as the business-to-business model, is a sales model that concerns the selling of products of one company to another. The salespersons in the sales department are responsible for handling these types of sales. B2B sales are primarily focused on convincing and selling to established firms. The salespersons of both parties are […]

Sharing Lead Management Market Insights with the DemandGen Report

Last week, the DemandGen Report published an article that highlighted my Lead Management Automation market overview report. As part of their recap, assistant editor, Amanda Ferrante, asked me a few questions that honed in on aspects of the market that I did not make central to my two main themes, namely: 1) that the market is far from mature and subject […]

Lead Management Automation: Market Overview In The Works

With economic recovery still distant, business marketers look to 2010 and wonder what’s in store. How do you do more with less resources is a common question I hear from CMOs, VPs of Marketing, and marketing directors with whom I speak daily. Modern marketing can not scale effectively without automation. And while it is not the cure-all to […]

New Sales Tools Increase Alignment Between Sales and Marketing

The lead management automation vendors have been busy. In March, Genius announced Genius Enterprise and broadened their scope from sales enablement to lead management. Late in May, Eloqua introduced Prospect Profiler, a graphical, one-stop interface that tracks a prospect’s digital footprints and summarizes buyer activity. Next, Silverpop’s EngageB2B team unveiled a new graphical campaign design and management tool to the market and, on June […]

Looking Over The Lead Management Automation Market

Despite the current economy, small firms in the lead management automation space continue to spring up.  Recently I spoke with founders and spokespeople from Neolane (not new, but not on my radar until now), eTrigue, LeadLife, and Kineticast.  These are but a few of the seemingly burgeoning ranks of companies who have found seed, angel, or VC money and now […]

Sales Enablement Tools: All The Rage In 2009

While attending Dreamforce last month, I took a walk around the show floor to see which firms were exhibiting. It wasn’t surprising to see a raft of new companies talking about sales-support additions to the AppExchange family with lead generation and pipeline health hot issues in this economy. I caught up with eTrigue, whom had briefed me October […]

Inside Sales And Telemarketing Help Boost B2B Brands: Really?

First of all, I’d like to extend a big “Thank You” to my readers and followers who responded to an invitation last month to participate in the 2010 B2B Marketing Budgets and Mix survey that Forrester fielded together with MarketingProfs.  Without your responses, the research would not be as broad or relevant — so thank you again!  After closing […]

PeopleMap: A Real Tool for Sales Enablement?

It’s no secret: I am not a fan of the emerging class of “Sales 2.0″ tools that let reps follow online visitors or peer into their browsing habits. In a prior post, I admitted that I did not see how chasing anonymous Web traffic helps reps manage assigned accounts or follow up on well-qualified leads delivered by marketing. I […]