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Join Me at the Marketing Technology Summit in Phoenix Next Week

Ah, Phoenix Arizona in the summer.   It’s hot.  Really hot.  The weather reports say it will be 107 degrees Fahrenheit when I’m there next Thursday.  Well, at least it’s a dry heat… So does that mean I’ll turn into a raisin rather than wilt like a flower? Dry heat, or not, is no excuse to […]

Onto My “Next Big Thing” In B2B Marketing

At the end of March, I will leave Forrester to become the Vice President of Industry Marketing for Xerox Global Services, North America. You can read more about my departure and this new opportunity on my personal Forrester blog, where I wrote more about “My Next Chapter In B2B Marketing“. You can access the post by clicking […]

Get Organized For B2B Community Marketing

After testing the social media waters through much of 2009, I see B2B marketers waking up to the fact that successful social execution requires more than setting up group pages on LinkedIn, opening a corporate Twitter account, or posting videos to YouTube. To have the greatest impact, marketers will need to focus social media marketing efforts at the tail end of […]

Best Practices For Marketing To Buyers “In The Cloud”

“Cloud computing” is a very hot topic, and like social media, subject to much debate about “what is cloud computing?” and “what does it mean for business?” Simply stated, cloud computing lets your customers and potential buyers take advantage of services and resources delivered as an online utility. Buyers get the benefits of using your technology […]

New Research Details 2009 Forrester Groundswell Awards Winners

In my last post, I talked about the 2009 Forrester Groundswell Awards winners. I would like to echo Josh Bernoff’s recent blog observation that anyone can do a successful social application, (and from my perspective) especially those in industries that sell primarily to other businesses. In research published earlier today, I explain how the winners and finalists — and the activities I […]

B2B Marketers: 2009 Forrester Groundswell Award Winners Offer Great Examples

Moments ago, Josh Bernoff posted this year’s winners of the 2009 Forrester Groundswell awards on the Groundswell blog. If you scroll down to the middle of the post (be forewarned; it’s a long one) you will see the winners and finalists in the B2B category winners. The images are great to look at as well. In my research, I see marketers approach social […]

B2B Marketers: Where Are Your Groundswell Award Submissions?

At the end of May, we opened up nominations for the 2009 Forrester Groundswell awards.  Well, the contest closes SEPTEMBER 2 — that’s less than a month away — and so far we have just 4 (ONLY 4!?!) submissions in the B2B categories. C’mon folks, I know there are plenty of B2B marketers out there doing interesting things in […]

ComplianceOnline Offers Preview Of Real B2B Community Potential

In my last post, I steered B2B marketers away from building social destinations focused on their products and services by suggesting they participate in open, social networks before jumping on the community bandwagon. I do think there is a place for B2B communities, but these sites need to focus truly on the community first, not […]

B2B Marketing Mix: Will Online, Social Tactics Lead?

I am very appreciative to Roy Young and Ann Handley at MarketingProfs for partnering with Forrester and me on the B2B marketing budget trends and effectiveness survey. This is our second joint endeavor on this topic. The sister report, also published April 24, looks at which tactics B2B marketers use and how well it all works for building brand and generating leads. […]