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MOCCA & MarketingProfs: B2B Marketers Focus On Social Media and Metrics

During the past week I’ve had the privilege of presenting to two different organizations that I think B2B marketers would benefit from exploring further. MOCCA Quarterly Meeting Marketing Operations Cross-Company Alliance June 3, 2009 I spoke at the MOCCA quarterly meeting, held at Adobe’s facilities in downtown San Jose. The Marketing Operations Cross-Company Alliance (MOCCA) is a […]

Orlando Marketing Forum: Day 2

Lots going on here in Orlando; I’m glad the forum only lasts two days. Peter Burris gave a great keynote presentation this morning about how to engage your most innovative customers to drive change — because they are out solving problems that require innovation now despite business disruptions stemming from the economy.  In the current recession, most firms […]

2009 Economic Impact on B2B Budgets and Practices

MarketingProfs hosted Digital Marketing World Spring 2009 virtually. The free conference attracted over 2000 attendees, and mesmerized most with a video speech by David Plouffe, Barak Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign manager, who spoke extemporaneously about how the campaign team developed a world-class community of followers who blew away previous fund raising records (over $580M in 2 years with the majority from individual donors.) […]

B2B Email Worst Practices: Assuming Opt-In or Requiring Opt-Out

Last fall I met Rebekah “Red” Donaldson, founder of Business Communications Group, LLC, a Sacramento-based marketing consulting firm specializing in B2B. Red’s a seasoned marketing practitioner so I invited her to join me on a Forrester teleconference last October where we talked about the factors threatening B2B marketing with obsolescence and the steps marketers should take to avoid this […]

Four Transformative Steps For B2B Marketers

The final installment in my blog series published on the Forrester Interactive Marketing Professional blog offers four key steps B2B marketers should undertake, starting in 2009, to avoid a diminished role inside their firms: How To Avoid Becoming Obsolete (Part Final) – January 16, 2009 Two things before I start: 1) A big “Thank You’ to […]

What is a Marketing Campaign’s “Influence” on Deals?

How do you apportion marketing effort to sales results? I remember my first one-on-one meeting with the head of major account sales at Xerox.  For a bit of perspective, this gentleman ran the team responsible for over a billion dollars in document outsourcing services revenue.  I presented a carefully prepared summary of the industry marketing […]

A Solid Communication Platform? TEDMED Ad Shows How It Works

As the Xerox mistress of TEDMED last month, I learned a few lessons about how a strong communication platform can help create a distinctive brand voice that delivers a consistent brand message. The Xerox TEDMED 2012 program advertisement (shown here, since it only appeared in print during the conference) had one simple objective: convey our support, in a thoughtful […]

What is TEDMED? – Lessons Learned on Corporate Sponsoring

TEDMED is the medical version of TED. This unique 3-day event applies the successful TED format to the world of healthcare. Hosted next week (April 10 – 13) in Washington DC, TEDMED stands to become the nation’s premier gathering where folks from inside and outside the world of medicine. Delegates explore key issues and think up new, out-of-the-box […]

Creating Content for a Digital World – At Digital Edge LIVE

Last week I had the privilege to attend and present at BtoB Magazine’s Digital Edge LIVE conference in San Francisco. I joined HP’s Alex Flagg and Tellab’s George Stenitzer on stage to talk about what it takes to develop great marketing content for an increasingly digital world.  While the number of digital channels increased exponentially since the […]

“Between the Lines” – Xerox Shares a View on the Future of Documents

“Between the Lines” by John Kelly of Xerox One of our top Xerox executives — and my boss’s former boss — recently published an ebook about documents in business and why documents will remain important. (Note, a document does NOT mean a printed page in this context — what a novel concept for Xerox, huh?)  I’d like to […]