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Are US Agency and Brand Buy-side Decision Makers Making Any Ad Spending Changes in Q2 2020 vs. H2 2020 as a Result of the Coronavirus?

According to survey conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) titled ‘Coronavirus Ad Spend Impact: Buy side” and e-marketers calculations dated March 26, 2020.  For the second quarter, majority of the respondents at 70% have decided to make to make a change in their budgeting and spending where as 14% of the respondents decided to […]

How Advertisers are responding to the Coronavirus Crisis

One of the most prominent slumps faced by the advertising sector was during the Great Recession.  It was a global economic downturn which affected the financial markets and caused them to decline drastically causing the stock markets to crash in some countries.  As for in the United States along with other sectors funding for media […]