5 Brilliant Ideas for Updating Your Old Bar Table

August 23, 2022 By Mateo Off

It’s time to update your old bar table! Whether you’re looking for a new and stylish look or just want to make it more functional, these five brilliant ideas will have you up and running in no time. From a sleek new table top to some clever storage solutions, there’s something for everyone on this list. So what are you waiting for? Start updating your old bar table today!

Ideas to Update Your Old Bar Table

Bar tables are a classic addition to any home, and can be updated in a variety of ways to suit your individual style. You can paint it, add new hardware and legs, or even change the layout to make it more functional. If you’re looking for a more creative approach, consider adding seating by adding a bench or throwing chairs around the table area.

Alternatively, consider changing the table’s layout to make it more functional for your needs. Whatever you choose indonesia teak furniture, make sure it’s bright, cheerful, and fits in with your overall design scheme.

Dress up the back with some glass doors or window panels

There is nothing like a beautiful home to enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea in. But why limit yourself? Why not add some extra oomph by adding glass doors or window panels to your home’s exterior. Not only will you get an interesting new look for your place, but you can also use this as an opportunity to dress up the back of your property with some fresh new paint and eye-catching materials.

You might even want to try out wood, metal, or another material for a unique look – whatever suits your personality! Alternatively, turn that old bar table into something stylish and luxurious by installing glass door or window panels on it. Arrange flowers or plants in a vase on top for added elegance!

Update the table with a new coat of paint

There’s never a wrong time to update your table – especially if it’s looking a little tired and outdated. A fresh coat of paint will give the table that polished look, while adding in some pretty flowers can make the space feel inviting and elegant. Change up your furniture to match this new look, or go for something more modern and stylish. Decorate with funky glasses, retro bottles or anything else that speaks to you!

Add a few new coasters to keep your drinks at hand

If you love spending time at home sipping on your favorite drink, adding a few new coasters to your bar table is the perfect way to do it. By creating a theme for your table and choosing coordinating designs, you’ll give it that extra pop of color. You can also choose to go with something simple or ornate – it’s all up to you! And if things get too cramped around the bar table, don’t forget about adding some new light fixtures or glasses!

Create a focal point for your dining room with a funky chair

A funky chair can be the perfect addition to your dining room if you’re looking for a focal point and some colour. Updating your old bar table with one will add character and life to the space, while fresh flowers or fruit on the table can help make it more inviting. Add some colourful pillows to give it that extra touch of visual interest.

Turn it into an elegant sideboard by adding shelves and drawers

Sideboards are a great way to add personality and elegance to any room. By adding shelves and drawers, you can transform your sideboard into an elegant piece of furniture that will look amazing. To install the shelves, first measure where you want them and mark the spot with a pencil. Then use a level to make sure the shelves are evenly spaced apart.

Next, screw the wooden brackets into place using screws at intervals of about 16 inches (40 cm). Next, it’s time for the drawer fronts! You can either buy one or create your own – simply cut out a piece of wood that is large enough to fit over your brackets and glue it in place using wood adhesive or nails. Once it’s dry, paint or stain as desired. Last but not least, add finishings such as knobs or pulls if desired!


There are so many brilliant ideas for updating your old bar table that it’s hard to decide which to choose! From painting it to adding some new stools, there’s really no end to the possibilities. So, why not start thinking about what you want to do and let us help you get started! Our team of experts is always up for a creative challenge, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!