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Get more results with B2B Telemarketing

Get more conversions using b2b Telemarketing Introduction : B2B Telemarketing B2B or Business -to -Business is a Business Marketing technique which entails the conducting of commercial transactions between two business entities, for example, that one between a wholesaler and a manufacturer, or between a retailer and a wholesaler.

B2B Marketing : Improve your business performance

B2B Marketing : Improve your business performance What is B2B marketing? It is the process of selecting, developing and managing relationships for the advantage of both customer and supplier with their respective skills, resources, technologies, strategies and objectives. lt is sufficient to note that almost two thirds

The Art of Evolving A Big Company Brand

Big Company Brand : It’s pop quiz time, folks.  Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say?: BMW           (ANSWER:   “The ultimate driving machine.”) Nike            (ANSWER:   “The swoosh.”) Apple          (ANSWER:  “Products designed to be incredibly desireable.”) Xerox   —   Yeah, yeah… “The copier company….” This little