B2B Brand Voice Speaks through Social Media — Successfully

Yesterday, Xerox retired the ACS brand. It was a huge day for our brand team.  The culmination of a lot of work. 

Did Xerox put out a big press release?  Call up the Wall Street Journal?  The local news?  No. 

Our CMO, Christa Carone (@ChristaBC) explained the change to the world in a simple, well-written blog post.  I point this out because it’s a wonderful use of social media to help get out some news that not all of the mainstream media may consider newsworthy. The post also offers B2B marketers two important lessons:

1)  Top B2B brand masters can stay on message AND come across as personal.  Of course, this is a subjective assessment that you may debate. Some may find the post language a bit arrogant.  Others may find it reflective of the pride many of us feel for the Xerox brand and our story.  (I know Christa feels this way, deeply.) However you view it,  I think a clever, engaging, pithy voice comes through clearly that, while representing brand message, tells a unique and interesting story about why we will ask the ACS brand to ride off into the sunset. I also know that this post reflects Christa’s voice, not that of a Xerox agency.

2) Sometimes a personal touch is all that’s needed for a big event.  Sure we talked to the analysts and Wall Street beforehand, handled millions of internal inquiries, and armed our account managers with letters and talk tracks to enable them to explain this change to Xerox and ACS clients alike. But it’s also nice to hear from the head lady behind the change about what it means to Xerox, in a voice that respects the significance of the event but remains true to her role as the chief marketer. And to hear it through a medium that is geared toward social sharing, not just broadcasting.

So here’s a big “hats off ” to Christa for demonstrating one great way for a B2B, Fortune 150 brand to use social media to lend a little insight into an important company milestone.

2 Responses to “B2B Brand Voice Speaks through Social Media — Successfully”

  1. Hasta Luego, Xerox … And Thanks! « B2B Marketing POSTs by Laura Ramos Says:

    […] 1) Experiencing marketing from the corporate side – and learning about the importance of brand, how brand evolves, and the role advertising, sponsorship, client experience, and public relations in the stewardship of the brand. […]

  2. Victoria Payton Says:

    Whoa! I didn’t know that Xerox retired the ACS brand. Thanks for the update Laura. My hats off to all of you too! What a way to make a big announcement. Nowadays, it’s hard to find companies who still try to place a personal touch on their messages and announcements. What’s your view with regard to mobile means or mobile marketing though? How extensively do you guys use that?

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