Three Views on Marketing Automation – Focus Experts and MAI

Unquestionably there are many ideas and theories on marketing automation and the automation industry. Today the Marketing Automation Institute sponsored a Focus roundtable discussion that examined three views of marketing automation through the eyes of an analyst, a customer and a vendor.  And I got to be the customer instead of the analyst this time!

Carlos Hidalgo, CEO of the Annuitas Group and Executive Director of the Marketing Automation Institute, asked me to join some folks I haven’t spoken with in a while — Jeff Erramouspe, President of Manticore Technologies sand David Raab, long-time marketing automation technology and market analyst — for a conversation about the marketing automation industry, where it’s heading, how companies use lead management technology, and what to do to get more value from value from automation.

You can find the full recording and Twitter stream here.

Some of the questions we tackled — well, that I tackled – include:

1) Moving from analyst to practioner, what do I see at Xerox as some of the driving factors behind the push for automation?
(A growing profusion of marketing approaches and little consensus about what really works to drive demand. Therefore, the need to measure and automate marketing to better demonstrate its impact on the business.)

2) What are some of the ways an organization can use automation to reach buyers besides using it as an email engine
(I think it’s all about finding new ways to reach buyers outside of email — syndication of content to industry and association Web sites that link back to a landing page, publishing YouTube videos, starting a Facebook fan page, developing a community destination outside of your Web site are but a few examples.)

3) Of people, process and content, which one trumps the others — or all they all equally important — when it comes to successful automation? (Depends on where you are in the adoption lifecycle. Marketers starting out talk more about technology and skills their key needs. But more mature practioners point to content development as the gating item to success.)

Want to hear more?  Visit the site.  Listen to the recording. And share your views
UPDATE! — To hear the Sales’ view of marketing automation — sign up now for the November 10 Focus/MAI Roundtable.

4 Responses to “Three Views on Marketing Automation – Focus Experts and MAI”

  1. Why Doesn’t Marketing Automation Impact the Business? « B2B Marketing POSTs by Laura Ramos Says:

    […] of my longstanding interest in demand management – and the people, process and technology issues that arise when marketers undertake automation […]

  2. Eric Wittlake Says:

    Laura, I wish I had the answer to this, and thanks for clarifying!

    To me, it seems like marketing automation has taken the idea of the right information to the right person at the right time and locked it into email, telemarketing and sales channels only. I think there is a real opportunity to abstract this idea from the specific channels.

    For instance, follow up with people on Facebook based on individual posts/pages they liked, dynamically serve content on your site / in online ads based on profiles or dynamically build circles on G+ based on a prospects stage/segment and publish limited updates to each circle. (Yes, its too early to actually do this on G+, but it is a channel that has had a little more mindshare the last week or two, and if the idea of right content / right time is abstracted beyond the current channel, it becomes much easier).

    Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my question!

  3. Laura Ramos Says:

    Eric, thank you for the comment. I appreciate all my blog readers very much.
    To answer your question, I am afraid we are not as sophisticated as you indicate. Specifically, we are not using any tools to syndicate out our content. Would be interested in your recommendations here. Instead we use information gleaned from prospect/contact activities to feed back into our marketing database (profile information) and to help sales sort out which contacts to approach (lead scoring.)

  4. Eric Wittlake Says:

    Hi Laura,

    I love your answer to reaching buyers beyond email and agree email is not nearly enough. I’m curious, since the question was about automation, are you using marketing automation-like tools to syndicate out your content as well? Or are these activities that feed back into the marketing automation “machine” as you capture contacts through these activities?

    Thanks for sharing your view, appreciate any additional insight you are able to offer.

    — @wittlake

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