Diana Huff Thinks I’m a Smart Woman to Follow on Twitter!

Wow!  I am humbled and honored to find myself in such amazing company! Thank you Dianna, it’s great to get noticed.

At the risk of revealing a gap in my social acuity, I have to confess that I missed this event entirely.  At the end of July, I was enjoying some time off from Forrester with my family and (maybe no surprise) was not paying attention to social media at all.  It wasn’t until August 20 (I’m backdating this post) that Tina Stewart, Juniper Networks social maven, pointed out Dianna’s post.  (Thank you, Tina).

However belatedly, I must say that I am thrilled to share the stage with luminaries such as Sandy Carter, Ann Handley, Jill Konrath, and Anne Holland. In particular, I’m so pleased to see my high school classmate Ardath Albee on the list.  Ardath and I got reacquainted about 2 1/2 years ago when she replied to a post I authored on Forrester’s fledgling Interactive Marketer blog. I emailed her separately to find out that she indeed was the person I knew from our high school speech and debate team. I continue to follow Ardath’s journey as an expert on creating meaningful marketing interactions (she’s in my blog roll — lower left on this page – if you’d like to do the same).

Congratulations to all of the wonderful women Diana highlighted and to all the others who continue to make the online world an interesting and productive place to spend time.  Great job, ladies!

In looking over the list, here are three more women (in no particular order) who you should consider putting on your top list to follow on Twitter:

Charlene Li - Co-author of Groundswell and founder of the Altimeter Group, Charlene has probably done more to advance social computing than anyone else in the blogosphere. I miss her insight and companionship at Forrester, but know she is doing terrific work independently. As the Altimeter Group expands — and anticipating Charlene’s upcoming book on Open Leadership– I expect to continue to see great ideas and passionate debate from her.

Rebekah E Donaldson – I met “Red” about two years ago as I started to chart Web 2.0 and social waters.  Rebekah is an expert in B2B marketing services, particularly around inbound marketing services such as Web, email, search marketing, and social media, along with traditional marketing techniques, and has built a lively consulting business in the Sacramento, California area – which makes her my sounding board when I need a perspective outside tech-centric Silicon Valley.  I owe her a debt of gratitude for help in shaping my thoughts about avoiding obsolescence in B2B marketing.

Debbie Weil - is a corporate blogging and social media expert, online marketing consultant, and author of “The Corporate Blog”. She’s great fun to listen to as well. I follow Debbie on Twitter and look forward to meeting her in person some day.

6 Responses to “Diana Huff Thinks I’m a Smart Woman to Follow on Twitter!”

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    […] Laura Ramos . . . whom Ardath told about my Smart Women on Twitter post, which then prompted Laura to write about me on her […]

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    […] Laura Ramos . . . whom Ardath told about my Smart Women on Twitter post, which then prompted Laura write about me on her […]

  3. Laura Ramos Says:

    Dianna, Rebekah, and Ardath — thanks for stopping by. As I said in my post, it’s an honor to be in your company.

  4. Dianna Huff Says:


    Like you, I went on vacation and am just now seeing this post.

    Thank you for the fabulous shout-out and for mentioning three additional smart women — especially Rebekah Donaldson and Debbie Weil, both of whom I know and should not have left off my list!

  5. Rebekah Donaldson Says:

    Wait wait wait. Am I listed here by one of my heros, in between two other heros Charlene Li and Debbie Weil?

    Don’t wake me.

    Go grrrl bloggers and tweeters.

  6. Ardath Albee Says:

    Hi Laura,

    Seems like such a long time ago, doesn’t it? Brings a smile every time I think about the debate team!


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