Welcome to my blog for B2B marketers!

Confucius is credited with saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Welcome to my first step on a journey of sharing, ruminating on, and learning about smart business-to-business (B2B) marketing practices.

I am into my 8th year as an analyst at Forrester Research.  During the past three and a half, I have built up a body of research, writing, and one-on-one experience talking about how technology impacts the process and practices of marketing highly-considered, negotiated, expensive products through a direct sales force and channel partners.  I’ve surveyed over 1500 B2B marketers, interviewed over 250 personally, and worked with top companies like Adobe, Cisco, HP, IBM, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft, and many more.  Prior to Forrester, I have been a high technology marketer myself, so I know what it is like to walk in those shoes, not just to write about it.

It’s a very busy job; so why start a blog? 

Because I’d like to explore more issues and ideas than I can fit into the 15 or so research reports I publish at Forrester yearly. I would also like to develop a community of like-minded readers, who may or may not follow my Forrester research, willing to join in a conversation occassionally about what it takes to market exceptionally well in a constantly changing, challenging environment. I am not sure where this journey of 1000 miles will lead — or how long it will take to get through the first mile — but I know that many interesting questions about demand generation, lead management, sales enablement, and using social media to build a community of advocates need answers and debate.

Will you join me?  I hope so and welcome all comments that are on topic and on target.  As the sole author of this blog, the views expressed here are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer, Forrester Research.  However, I want to remain true to Forrester’s guiding principle of objectivity so reserve the right to remove an occasional comment that I feel is off the mark, too commercial, profane, or downright spam. Other than that, I look forward to exploring the key issues that concern business marketers today and leaving a legacy of information that future marketers will find useful.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to the journey together.

5 Responses to “Welcome to my blog for B2B marketers!”

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  2. Laura Ramos Says:

    Tom, thanks for the kind observations about my blog. Honestly, I’m more into the content than the layout — I wanted to go for something simple. My Research Associate tells me that many people view blog content through RSS readers these days, which makes the layout of the blog site itself irrelevant. Thanks also for the interesting history on Forrester and Ancestry.com — I would have thought medical issues and sexuality would have been front runners on the “most popular Internet” topic lists. Go figure, and thanks for reading.

  3. Tom Nocera Says:

    Hi Laura, good to make your acquaintance via your blog. I like the design you selected, it is easy on the eyes – I read a good many blogs, and have concluded that those which are esthetically pleasing not only hold my attention, but compel my interaction. Likely somewhere, Forresters’ research has documented that observation, as your company has documented almost everything of any importance. Speaking of which, one of those studies was commissioned by Ancestry.com maybe 6 or 7 years ago, in which Forrester’s found that genealogy was one of the top ranked or most popular areas on the Internet – making collecting family history data the second most popular pastime in the U.S. – next to gardening. I would imagine that there is a resurgence in gardening, or will be, due to the downturn, and all the advantages of homegrown produce. Anyway, good to meet you. I will be back to read more, and wish you continued pleasant discoveries.

    Tom Nocera



  4. Leo Kluger Says:

    Congratulations on your new blog, Laura — I’ve always enjoyed reading your Forrester Reports; I look forward to even more frequent insights!
    – Leo Kluger


  5. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    Glad to see you’ve got your own blog here, great stuff Laura. I like the clean design, looking forward to reading your ideas!

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